CBD for cats: all you need to know

by Edward J. Ross

cbd for cats

Most pet owners care about the health and well-being of their pets. They always want them happy and free from all issues, whether mentally or physically. This attention they provide is because their pets' mood can rub off on them, primarily when they have grown fond of it.

Cats are no exception in this category. Most cat owners are now diversifying from the common veterinary drugs to CBD to maintain their cats' wellness. CBD usage on these cats has been found to provide a lot of benefits for the cat owner.

CBD products like CBD oil, CBD tincture, etc., have been found to provide the same health benefits for humans vis-a-vis anxiety mitigation, epilepsy and seizure reduction, inflammatory bowel disease prevention, amongst others. This natural means of restoring the cat's health whilst still improving mood state has made the cannabinoid a most wanted product.

However, if any change occurs in your cat's disposition either during or after CBD usage, you might want to consult your veterinarian to be sure it's not a result of the side effects of its use. 

About CBD Oil

Cannabis has a variety of compounds that makes it up. The major components used by many are THC and CBD. These two products work on different levels entirely. THC is known to be derived from marijuana, a cannabis product is proven to be illegal due to the high psychoactive content. The CBD, on the other hand, is legal in most states and doesn't include a psychoactive component as it is derived from the hemp plant.

CBD oil for cats

Hemp farmers, due to legislation, take extreme care whenever they are producing to ensure that the CBD tallies with no more than 0.3% THC content legislation pertaining to cannabis products. So with CBD, you have an assurance of following the law and still obtaining the product's full benefits. In humans, CBD can help relieve aches, reduce vomited no, aid appetite stimulation, etc.

However, in cats, you would have to consult with your veterinarian to know if you can add it to the supplements for your cat as they have a different body make up even though the CBD tends to have similar effects on them. 

Is CBD Oil Even Safe For Cats? 

CBD oil is safe for cats, according to most doctors. However, people have given their reviews pertaining to the effect on their cats after its use. Some people have complained about side effects like intestine issues, making the cats unable to eat and stool continuously. However, due to little research being available on CBD being safe for cats, it will be best to make sure that your veterinarian is aware and has given you the go-ahead while using CBD.

You would also have to pay attention to the dosage you are giving your cat and make sure that you obtain your oil from a source whose lab test results of the final product they are offering are made available to you. This precaution comes into play because if the CBD oil is contaminated, THC levels would be higher, which would significantly affect your cat's quality of life.  

Does CBD Operate In Cats? 

Like humans, cats possess an endocannabinoid system; this system also plays a massive role in the cat's internal workings, just as it does in humans. An endogenous cannabinoid is a substance found in cats that is also present in the cannabis plants well. This substance has a significant effect in maintaining the internal workings of the system in the cat.

At the release of the CBD into the cat, it flows and lands in the cat's bloodstream and starts issuing instructions on how the cat is to react to all external stimuli. The cat's reaction to the input by the CBD helps maintain body balance, especially internally, and science calls this balance 'homeostasis.' If your cat fails to respond to the cannabinoid in its system, there would be a grave danger as the body system would lose all forms of balance.

Also, the cannabinoid receptors being CB1 and CB2 help the endocannabinoid system respond well to what CBD dictates at the various locations where it is active. For instance, when your cat is experiencing pain as a result of an injury or other means, the receptor tells the internal system how to react to it. Most of the time, the pain is subsidized due to the presence of the cannabidiol. 

What Dosage Should I Give My Cat As a Cat Owner?

In using CBD for cats, it is paramount that you understand the dosage requirement for your cat. The first thing to do is to weigh the cat and get the size. Due to its tiny nature, it will not require as much CBD as a human, so you would have to take time to see how the CBD reacts with your cat and the effects it produces.

If this is still not enough, your veterinary doctor should be able to help you out. You could also give your cat small doses of the drug at intervals whilst observing it's sleeping and eating pattern. If there are no side-effects, then you could increase it in smaller amounts. However, if there are adverse effects, you should stop using CBD for your cat. 

How Legal Is CBD Oil? 

Whether CBD is legal in your or the state of the veterinarian resides must be determined before any concrete plan is made. Typically, most states where CBD is legal have laws regulating a 0.3% content or less of THC. However, the state you are in might not count is as legal regardless. The veterinarian might not be in a state where he is allowed by law to discuss such additional treatments with you.

Veterinarians should support CBD products' addition into your cat's routine so that any change that arises can be easily dealt with. To confirm the legality of CBD in your state and that of your veterinarian before adding it to the routine of your cat.  

Are There Special CBD Oils For Cats? 

There is no different CBD oil for cats going by the name 'cat CBD.' However, be sure to confirm the ingredients used in making the oil to ensure that your cat doesn't react negatively to any of them. Some oils contain coconut oil, olive oil, and other essential oils used as carrier oils in oil production. You want to be sure that none of these products can affect your cat's health.  

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats

CBD oil comes with different benefits, and here are some of them:

Stress Reduction 

CBD may help your cat reduce stress and anxiety, which could be due to the change of environment, trouble with other cats, issues with its owner or owner's family, health challenges, etc. These issues can contribute to stress and anxiety for your cat, which could result in low appetite, lack of sleep, lack of interaction, and interest in activities it used to enjoy, etc.

CBD can help your cat reduce stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol, which is the hormone-producing stress and increasing other hormones that could improve your cat's mood, like dopamine. 

Fear Control

CBD for cats helps in reducing or even managing fears your cat might have. Your cat might be one who is shy of meeting new people or traveling, even one who is scared to change the environment. With CBD products, all of that would end, especially if combined with drugs that aid mood alteration. 

Relief For Epilepsy and Seizures

Seizures come as a result of certain disruptions that are electrical in the brain. These seizures can cause a whole lot of effects for your cat. Medications for these seizures are rare, and the ones available can result in a whole lot of negative effects on your cat.

Despite limited research, cat owners have a good thing to say about the use of cannabidiol. It is reported that CBD may seriously reduce the electrical disruptions and cause mitigation in epileptic attacks. 

How Do Most Cat Owners Feel About Using CBD Oil For Their Cats?

Pet owners have testified as to how CBD use has improved the quality of life of their cats. They have mostly good reviews pertaining to good mood disposition, wellness, more activity, etc., in regards to their cats. However, some cat owners had complained about the negative effects regarding vomiting, stooling, etc., when CBD was included in the cat's routine. 

In Conclusion 

Using CBD for cats is safe; nonetheless, extreme precaution has to be considered in its use. Cats tend to have many health issues, and CBD can provide solutions to most of them, but you have to ensure you consult with the vet before adding any CBD product as a supplement to your cat's diet.

Remember to use only CBD products made from hemp plants as those ones have a trace amount of THC content in them so as to be certain that the health of the cat is not affected on another level.