CBD for Tendonitis - how it works?

by Edward J. Ross

CBD for Tendonitis

CBD has been researched to relieve a variety of ailments right from previous times down till now. Researchers have discovered that cannabinoids are chemicals associated with the cannabis plant, having the ability to alter certain receptors (cb1 and cb2) in the body known as the endocannabinoid system.

These cannabinoids found to alter receptors have come to play a critical role in medicinal and treatments. The researches done over the years has been for the sole purpose of maximizing the use and reducing side effects. This helps for better use of CBD-based products depending on the form and product. Let us take a look at some details on the ailment known as Tendonitis as well as CBD and how it helps in the treatment of Tendonitis.

What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis, which some people refer to as Tendinitis, happens to be an inflammation of one or more tendons in the body. It is a common type of injury as it occurs when a person injures or overuses a tendon.

People into sporting activities tend to encounter this injury quite often, and it results in inflammation and pain when serious. People who are into weight lifting also tend to suffer this injury. The detailed name given to this injury depends on the area which is injured. it is called Tennis elbow and sometimes called golfer's elbow when the tendon in the elbow is injured.

Other names are Achilles tendonitis for injury on the Achilles tendon, pitcher's shoulder for the shoulder tendon, or jumpers knee for the knee-tendon injury. A similar condition is a tendinosis but unlike tendonitis, it is more serious and tends to be degenerative.

Things to Know about Tendonitis

  1. It affects areas where joints are located in the human body e.g. wrists, shoulders, thighs, elbows, fingers, etc.
  2. The injury is not restricted to any age bracket but sports people tend to be prone to it.
  3. Quick treatments like the use of ice or heat can reduce the pain if it's not too serious. Pain killers also work.
  4. A rupture can occur if not treated immediately and this can cause a need for surgery.

Types of Tendonitis

Here are types of tendonitis you can suffer from in detail:

  • Golfer's Elbow and Tennis Elbow

The tennis elbow is a type of tendonitis where you feel pain on the outer part of your elbow. It occurs when pushing against a particular force and sometimes, the pain can extend a little towards the wrist area. Golfer's elbow, on the other hand, is when you feel the pain on the inner part of your elbow especially when lifting. Just like the tennis elbow, the pain of the golfer's elbow can also extend down to your wrist.

  • Tendonitis of the Wrist

People like badminton players and workers in the production line are more likely to suffer from this type of tendonitis. The reason is the set of repeated movements they have to do due to their regular activities. A more serious condition of Tendonitis that affects the wrist is tendinopathy. Compared to the regular injury to the wrist tendons which is inflammation, this is a degenerative condition.

  • Achilles Tendonitis

Injuries to the tendon in this area are very common, mostly experienced by people who do sports activities. If you don't fall into this category and you are suffering from this injury, then you most likely wear shoes that don't fit properly. You can also suffer this injury if your shoes don't support your feet well. In case you do not know where your Achilles tendon is located, it is found between the heel of your feet and calf. Patients suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis are prone to it.

  • Tendonitis of the Thumb or Finger

This type of tendonitis makes you experience thickened palms in the hand where you have the injury due to inflammation. The finger then bends and remains fixed in that position with increasing pain and inflammation. You can also feel the formation of a nodule on the tendon which adds to the swelling.

  • Supraspinatus Tendonitis

This is the type of tendonitis where you feel inflammation and pain in your shoulder region is known as Supraspinatus Tendinitis. The condition makes you feel shoulder pain with every movement you make. You will sometimes experience hardship when you lay on that part of your shoulder. It can also result in a serious condition called rotator cuff tendonitis if more than one tendon in the same area is affected.

  • Patellar Tendonitis

This type of tendonitis also known as the jumper's knee occurs when the tendon in your knee gets inflamed. The name of this tendon is the patellar connecting your knee cap to your shin bone which is where this injury got its name. This injury makes your knee weak and can result in your tendon tearing out. It is often caused by jumping too frequently on hard surfaces due to sports and it links to contraction of the muscles as well.

Causes of Tendonitis

Some of the causes that result in tendonitis are:

  • Occupation

A lot of people whose occupation requires them to perform repeated movements frequently might end up suffering from tendonitis.

  • Sports

People who are into sporting events are more likely to suffer tendonitis due to repeated movements. It can also occur when a person gets an injury after bumping into another player in competitive sports.

  • Age

This is also a very important factor since the elasticity of tendons reduces with age making them weaker. It thereby makes the older person more likely to suffer tendonitis.

  • Health Issues

There are some health conditions that can increase the possibility of having tendonitis. Some of these health conditions are rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

Symptoms of Tendonitis

Here are some of the symptoms of tendonitis a person suffering from will likely experience:

  1. Sharp joint pain on every little movement
  2. Inflammation red coloration and swelling of the injured body part
  3. A grating like feeling in the tendon area
  4. There may be lumps in the location of the tendon

What is the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Tendons?

Thinking of the fastest way to get rid of tendonitis? Well, here are some quick treatments you can do in the case of an emergency.

  1. Get ice packs for once you observe joint pain and inflammation in any part of your body
  2. Be sure to do some light motion exercises daily
  3. Rest the area that is affected and avoid any activity that will strain it
  4. You can also use pain relievers if possible
  5. Use CBD products

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, the substance commonly known as CBD, still remains the most researched Cannabinoid out of all the divisions of cannabinoid obtained from the cannabis plant. Its health benefits in medicine study and therapy are the sole reason for its increasing fame over the years.

CBD is known for its effectiveness in pain relief, cancer processes, and other neurogenerative diseases. It has also been researched to be a good use for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant purposes. It is relatively common in plant strains and can be used in various forms, making it one of the easiest to find and commercialize.

Just like some other substances from the hemp plant cannabis, CBD is also a non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive Cannabinoid effective in therapeutical operations. These have contributed to the rise of CBD products, including skincare, health, and wellness products.

CBD and its Relation to Tendonitis

CBD has been coming up in articles and discussions relating to tendonitis and this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties. Since Tendonitis is also a pain and inflammation-related injury, CBD has been speculated to be able to work in tendonitis treatment.

So if you have been thinking up questions like is CBD good for inflammation? or Can CBD heal tendons? the answer is yes, but it shouldn't be the all-around solution for your general injuries. Making use of CBD for tendonitis should be with direct instruction from your doctor especially if you happen to be on other medication.

The reason for this is because CBD contains a small amount of THC which is considered safe to use. However, even with the fact that the amount of THC present in CBD is minimal, it can still affect the functionality of other kinds of medications.

The endocannabinoid system possesses a neuro transmitting network throughout the human body with its main receptors cb1 and cb2. Cb1 based on research is known to be abundant in the brain while cb2 has is found to be abundant in the immune system.

So most of the tie where you experience a state of altered sense of perception, it is the cb1 receptor at work. On the other hand, cb2 is said to be responsible for most of the effects of pain relief and reduction of inflammation.

The endocannabinoid system uses these two receptors to maximize the functionality of CBD products for pain management anywhere in the human body and prevent further damage. Let us look at some of the general benefits of using CBD for Tendonitis Treatment.

Benefits of CBD for Tendonitis

Since research has proven that CBD does not intoxicate the user compared to THC and marijuana, you can be sure that you will not lose your sense of perception. Still, be sure to meet your doctor for your dosage and in case you have other medications to use. Some benefits of using CBD for tendonitis and other related issues are:

Inflammation Treatment

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it a good counter to inflammatory injuries or ailments which does not exclude tendonitis. Chronic pain might be experienced due to severe inflammation which might occur if left untreated. Even with the fact that CBD is not an immediate recovery solution for tendonitis, it is still a good option.

Tendonitis Pain Relief

Pain and inflammation, are symptoms that tendonitis patients tend to suffer. The different product of CBD has been tested with research with results showing that it is a good pain reliever. CBD for pain relief has proven to be a great help in treating patients suffering from tendonitis. Any product of CBD contains anandamide which is a natural pain reliever and proven by research, it can be used to relieve pain not only in tendonitis patients but others as well.

Medication for Anxiety

Usually, anxiety is sure to set in especially for people who have a big day ahead. Examples of these kinds of situations are athletes or sportsmen preparing for a competition in the sporting world. Also, there is a high tendency that tendonitis patients will get anxious from time to time. This is where the calming effects of CBD come in as it helps the patients remain calm.

Reduction of Negative THC Effects

THC has an effect it gives to the body called the "entourage effect". The entourage effect is a process where THC synchronizes with other compounds from the cannabis plant to bring out the intoxicating effects which the plant holds. For this to occur, THC has to be present but CBD on the other hand is able to reduce this effect.

Treating of Neurodegenerative Ailments

Although this benefit might not be related to tendonitis in a way, it also helps in treating ailments that neurodegenerative. These ailments known as neurodegenerative ailments are diseases or disorders that affect the nervous system of the body.

It is responsible for degenerating the functionality and structure of the nervous system be it peripheral or central. It has also been studied to be a good medication for treating patients who are experiencing seizures. Some of these disorders are Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Promotes Sleep

It is not rare for patients suffering from tendonitis to experience less sleep due to a lack of comfort. The pain felt by the patients will probably hinder them from getting enough sleep but CBD handles that. Due to the calming effect, it gives to the body, the patient gets to have enough sleep. Studies have also shown that giving a patient CBD dosage daily for a month improves the quality of sleep the patient gets.


CBD Oil for Tendonitis

Speaking about CBD products you can find, there are varieties of them you can find everywhere. From CBD vapes to CBD oils to CBD cream for tendonitis, everything can be found even in your area. CBD creams and other products are great especially for treating tendonitis but if you are in search of the best CBD product, then you should go for CBD oils. Unlike any other product, CBD oils is one that you can use conveniently with adequate dosages. Let us look at what CBD oil really is before going into tendonitis CBD oil

CBD Oil: What it Really is

CBD is one of the products obtained from the hemp plant known as cannabis but unlike the others, it is infused with oil. This particular product of CBD is actually a bit new but news of its medical abilities has already spread out worldwide. Many questions have been asked like is CBD oil intoxicating? Curiosity has been rising due to the other family members of this cannabis product.



  • Can CBD Heal Tendons?

Wondering if CBD or its products can really heal your tendon injuries? well, one thing I can assure you is that nothing will give instant repair to your tendons. Even with that, the answer is partly yes. CBD and its products don't really heal your tendons directly or instantly.

What it actually does is relieve you of the pain and boost collagen production. Ensure you contact your doctor before knowing the adequate dosage you are required to take.

  • Can CBD be Used for Tendonitis?

CBD is good for use to treat tendonitis but you have to get confirmation from your doctor first. Products of CBD tend to have adverse effects on prescription medications so a doctor's confirmation is needed. Once you get the confirmation from your doctor, feel free to make use of CBD products. Your doctor will also get a solution for you in case you have other medications you are to use with it.

  • Best Treatment for Tendonitis?

There are varieties of medications available for the purpose of treating tendonitis but some patients happen to react to it. This reason is what brought about the search for natural solutions like CBD which has no adverse effects. If you don't react to any or most medications used to treat tendonitis then that should work for you. On the other hand, if you do react to them or you would prefer the natural method, get rest and consult your doctor on CBD products.

  • How Do I Know I'm Suffering From Tendonitis?

Overuse tendinopathy is another name used to refer to tendonitis and can be diagnosed by undergoing physical examinations. If you are not the type to go for regular checkups (which I really advise you should always do), book an appointment at a lab for an MRI scan. This is the best way to check for tears or swelling especially if you are feeling pains in your body.

  • What Is The Best CBD Product for Tendonitis?

A lot of CBD-based products are out there from CBD creams to CBDpure to vapes and CBD oil but the best depends on which you can take. If you happen to be on some other medications and cant ingest CBD oils, You can make use of the CBD cream in place of the oils. The best CBD product for you depends on the one you can use at that point. Ingested CBD is known to work better but be sure to always confirm from your doctor first.

  • Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects??

Side effects are quite unique so the reactions you will experience to CBD will likely vary depending on your body. Some people do not experience side effects but some others do. Some of the side effects that you might experience are dryness of the mouth, nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea. Still, it all depends on your body.


Tendonitis might start as a short sharp pain in your joints, muscles, or wherever your tendons are located. Leaving it for a long period of time will make the situation so bad that you might require surgery. For emergencies, consider using the quick treatment methods discussed above to ease the pain a little. You can also get some CBD products to help you relieve the pain and reduce inflammation in the affected area.

Regarding pain management and inflammation reduction, CBD products work so well. Just search for tendonitis CBD oil and you will find the nearest place to get some. Always be sure to confirm with your doctor if the CBD oil for tendonitis can go with your medication if you are using any.

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