CBD Hemp Flower Effects

by Apoorva Shivankar, M.D

CBD hemp flowers

Today cannabidiol (CBD) is a booming business with multiple products like CBD oil, tinctures, gummies or capsules overwhelming the market. But are you familiar with the CBD hemp flowers, a raw effective form of cannabidiol which is grabbing heaps of attention lately? Smoking/vaping of a CBD hemp flower is driving people crazy irrespective of their age or gender.

What are CBD hemp flowers?

CBD hemp flowers are the real flowers of the industrial hemp plant (variety of cannabis) carefully plucked off the stem, dried, cured, and used as they are. Yes correct, the hemp flowers are used (smoked or vaped) as they are, without any extraction, purification, or processing and this adds to their USP. They have a natural aura of purity as compared to other processed CBD products.

Confusing fact:

Being a flower of cannabis plant, many people believe that smoking or vaping CBD hemp can give them a great HIGH but get disappointed later on use. Dear friends, this CBD flower is typically sourced from the hemp variety of cannabis wherein unlike the marijuana variety the THC (the key cannabinoid for the ‘get you HIGH’ effect) levels are well below 0.3% and just not enough to exhibit psycho-activity.

But let me assure you, these hemp flowers will bless you with all the wellness effects of cannabis products that too without messing up with your brains.

But then why smoking CBD flower is being preferred over CBD oils or gummies?

Credit goes to the bunch of hemp flower benefits over other products:

  • Firstly, CBD hemp flower is not a decorative flower in itself.
  • Secondly, this hemp flower comes with a great combination of taste, flavour, and aroma (thanks to the terpenes) and therapeutic benefits.
  • Thirdly, it induces an immediate effect.

All this combined with the pleasure of smoking, who can deny them?

Let’s dive into the details of these PROs of CBD hemp flowers

  1. Being used in a natural form, CBD hemp flower is a full-spectrum CBD product.

  2. Elicit stronger ENTOURAGE EFFECT due to the retention of all the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids in their original concentration in contrast to other CBD products wherein some portions are trimmed off during processing.

  3. Smoking or vaping takes CBD directly to the lungs and bloodstream bypassing the harsh and time-consuming digestive environment, ensuring a fast-acting nature and maximum bioavailability.

  4. With higher bioavailability and strong entourage effects, CBD flower unlocks the potency of this cannabinoid to the maximum, resulting in much better results.

  5. The presence of aromatic terpenes add a divine flavoured pleasure to your entire experience.

  6. Absence of post-harvest processing reduces the overall cost, making the CBD hemp flower more affordable.

Moving on to the main question,

What does CBD flower make you feel like?

  • In brief, the CBD flower induces a FEEL-GOOD effect on your body and mind. It mostly acts by relieving the disturbing symptoms like stress, depression rather than inducing the pleasant ones and instils a sense of well-being in every individual.

  • On consuming CBD from hemp flower, you can experience an instant sense of bodily relaxation with a serene calmness in your ever-racing brains. Hemp CBD does this by alleviating all sorts of stress, anxiety, discomfort by modulating the Endocannabinoid system, the master homeostatic regulator of the human body.

  • A good quality hemp flower wards off your depression and helps your brain to be more focussed, alert, and motivated.

  • By managing stress, pain and anxiety levels, CBD also ensures sound and prolonged sleep, the most sought-after effect in the modern world.

  • Strong mood-boosting potential is also an added benefit of CBD.

All this comes without the fear of THC-like euphoric intoxicating effects.

Other Health benefits of CBD that you’ll enjoy by smoking CBD flower include:

  • Instant relief from panic anxiety attacks.
  • Provides pain relief, eases migraine headache within seconds.
  • Highly effective in managing convulsive disorders like epilepsy.
  • Provides relief in incurable disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, etc.
  • Helps to cope up with serious issues like blood pressure, drug addictions and even lowers the incidences of heart disease or diabetes.
  • Exhibits neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative properties providing support in neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s’ disease, Alzheimer’s’ disease.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and hydrating properties act as a boon for various skin ailments such as aging, acne, dryness, inflammation, etc.

One more fascinating benefits of smoking CBD hemp flower is:

It successfully combats the effects of nicotine withdrawal and thus, aids in curbing nicotine addiction. Its anti-anxiety and stress-busting effects add to this further. CBD flower offers a new way of smoking to the addicts in order to release their cravings in a healthier way.

While stating the benefits, we also want to clarify that hemp CBD does everything within the range of normalcy and never takes you away from reality unlike THC.

How long does it take for CBD flower to kick in?

While using hemp flower, along with smoke CBD also enters the lungs and bloodstream directly, bypassing digestion and thus, show instant results (at par with intravenous doses) or can take at the max 10 min.

Do you know which mode is better - vaping or smoking CBD flower?

According to the studies, vaping is the safest mode as most vaporizers are:

  • portable and pocket friendly.
  • effectively conceal the harsh odour.
  • do not expose your lungs to harmful chemicals associated with smoking.
  • show positive results even in those with pre-existing lung conditions.

Smoking uses higher temperatures (as compared to vaping) and exposes the lungs to harmful particles like carbon-monoxide.

But still, a large proportion loves to smoke CBD flower. Reason?

It is the cheapest way to enjoy the full-spectrum of CBD flower effects.

3 ways of CBD Hemp Flower smoking include

  1. Pre-roll blunts: pre rolls of hemp flowers are professionally made in tobacco paper- have added effects of tobacco.
  2. CBD Joints:  pre rolls of hemp flower in a light-weight, transparent raw paper- healthiest way and you can easily taste the hemp flower too.
  3. CBD Cigarettes: Contain cannabidiol instead of nicotine- a great way to quit smoking.

Though highly beneficial, using CBD flowers in excess can lead to side-effects like:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Light headedness
  • Mood fluctuations
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rarely liver damage


How to select the best hemp flower?

  • Prefer quality source.
    • Hemp plants should be organically grown as per USDA norms with good quality seeds, routinely inspected soils, timely harvesting and proper curing.
  • Select non-GMO products only.
  • Free from pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, colours.
  • Should offer a fully-developed terpene profile which is the essence of Hemp flower CBD.
  • Always check for the total CBD content, potency and the cannabinoid profile. Different cannabinoid contents determine the entourage effect of the CBD flower.
  • Hemp flower should neither be too moist (risk of fungal growth) nor extremely dry (lacks potency).
  • Check for THC content as some poor-quality products may contain higher levels which can show psycho-activity and may even cross the legal limits.
  • Check for brands and reviews on the designated website.
  • Certificate of analysis (COA) is a must.
    • COA is a written guarantee regarding the CBD content, purity, and truthfulness of the product given by a third-party laboratory having no stake in the product.

Multiple strains with little bit of difference in cannabinoid and terpene profiles (imparting distinct flavour and effects) are available making each of them characteristically unique. One should try them all and select the strain which works the best for them.

To conclude:

Hemp flower CBD is the quickest and naturally flavoured mode of delivering full-spectrum cannabidiol health benefits with minimal risk of THC induced intoxicating psychoactive effects.


Q. Are CBD hemp flowers legal?

A. In the US, under the 2018 farm-bill, getting CBD from any part of hemp plant (THC <0.3%) is considered legal as far as it meets the federal requirements, and the producers and growers go through their state licensing from the department of agriculture.

In Europe, CBD products with THC <0.2% are attributed with legal status.

Q. Can CBD hemp flower be used by pregnant females?

A. No, not advisable as it may adversely affect foetal health.

Q. Is it FDA regulated?

A. No, not yet.

Q. Are Hemp flower and CBD flower the same or different?

A. Same

Q. How to store a CBD Hemp Flower?

A. CBD flower should be stored in mason jars in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to ensure maximum potency, flavour, and experience.

Q. Can we use Hemp Flower in edibles?

A. They can be crushed and used as seasoning or can be added to baked goods like cookies to add flavour and health benefits. Only pre-requisite is that the flowers should be pre-heated to an easily absorbable form before mixing.

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