How many CBD gummies should I eat?

by Apoorva Shivankar, M.D

CBD gummies

CBD Gummies

Do you also have a soft spot for gummies? How about trying Yummy Gummies to chill ourselves down. 

Edible Cannabidiol gummies do the same for us:

  • Have a mouth-watering taste.

In addition, the CBD content in it:

  • Wards off Anxiety and Stress.
  • Ensures early recovery from injury, exertion, inflammation, etc. Also known as a sportspersons’ candy as it is the drug of choice for sportsperson in case of field injury for rapid relief.
  • Relieves pain, swelling, back-aches, soreness of muscles.
  • Helps dismiss both chronic pain (arthritis) as well as acute pain (injury).
  • Ensures good night time sleep - by calming down the anxious brain before bed.

CBD Gummies are the most popular edible form of CBD products, wherein CBD in therapeutic doses can be easily combined with other essential additives like melatonin, turmeric, etc.

Nora CBD gummies

What makes them better than other forms of CBD products?

  1. Anyone can eat them - as it is easier to take.
  2. Better in taste as compared to oils or pills, taste ensures better compliance too.
  3. Different natural flavours can be added to mask the strong hemp flavour.
  4. It has a long-lasting effect-slower absorption and release ensures a longer duration of action (min 6-8 hours).
  5. Easy to dose - Consistency is maintained as each gummy contains the same, pre-measured concentration of the CBD.
  6. No smoking needed - safe for the lungs.
  7. Non-hallucinogenic, still elates your mood.
  8. These gummies are a bit stronger source of CBD than oils as they are coated, encrusted and infused with CBD oil.
  9. Portable can be easily carried to anywhere and everywhere - free from the risk of leakage or breakage.
  10. Along with CBD, these Gummies are usually enriched with multi-vitamins, essential oils, protein supplements, turmeric, etc which further add to its nutritional quotient. For example, in order to induce:
  • Calmness - CBD + Lemon Balm
  • Sleep - CBD + Melatonin
  • Recovery – CBD + Ginger + Curcuminoids (from Turmeric)

Possible side effects (very rarely seen)

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in weight

How many CBD gummies should I eat for anxiety and sleep?

There is no recommended dose as such. It depends on personal experiences, the reason for CBD intake, and individuals’ physical characteristics such as height, weight and tolerance to drugs. Ideally, only a doctor should advise after examining the need and physical status of the individual.

Most of the gummies contain 5mg CBD or more. It is suggested to begin with a lower dose such as half or one gummy per day. If satisfied, then go ahead with the same; otherwise, increase the number of gummies slowly until you get the desired effect.

Though there is are no specific guidelines for recommended doses per service, a generalized opinion is to follow:

Weight Group

Low Dose 
(Light Effects)

High Dose 
(Moderate to Strong Effects)

Under 100 pounds

5 – 10 mg of CBD

20 – 30 mg of CBD

100 – 150 pounds

10 – 20 mg of CBD

40 – 50 mg of CBD

150 – 200 pounds

20 – 30 mg of CBD

50 – 60 mg of CBD

Over 200 pounds

30 – 40 mg of CBD

60 – 70 mg of CBD


When can one see the CBD effect after ingestion of CBD gummy?

After consumption, the drug enters bloodstream and has to pass through the first-pass metabolism, causing a delay of 30-60 min in the onset of action. But then the effect compensates the delay by staying there for a longer duration around 6-7 hours.

CBD Gummies and Sleep

As we all know, quality of sleep determines the health, emotional, and mental well-being of an individual. A normal person cannot imagine the sufferings of an insomniac or someone with sleep disorders. CBD containing drugs have shown relieving effects in such cases with no to minimal side-effects.

CBD itself promotes sound sleep by relaxing the body and brain and inducing a serene calmness in the mind. Also, a lot of gummies contain a well-defined quantity of melatonin or chamomile as an additive to regulate the sleep cycle in a positive way.

CBD Gummies and Pain

Chronic pains are a household phenomenon these days though they may have different origins in each case. Finding a solution for these is very difficult and sometimes it may not even be possible by the routine medicines available. There are studies supporting the positive dose-related, analgesic effect of CBD gummies particularly in downregulating chronic neuropathic pains which cannot be controlled by the regular opioid drugs.

CBD is supposed to do this by inhibiting the release of corresponding neurotransmitters at the synaptic junction and thus, altering the entire pain pathway. The pathway is responsible for informing your brain that you are in pain, thereby rendering a sigh of relief to the patients.12 Thus, though CBD gummies diminish pain, its use is not intended to diagnose and treat the very cause of pain.

CBD Gummies and Anxiety

Recent studies are indicating a significant role in improving the quality of sleep especially by reducing the level of anxiety and thus, inducing calmness.6 People nowadays are more inclined towards eating tasty gummies to catch a sound sleep and enjoy a fresh, enthusiastic morning the very next day.

Which CBD gummies are the best and high-quality one to buy?

Prefer gummies with:

  • broad or full-spectrum CBD content
  • formulated in a reputed laboratory (preferably U.S. based),
  • organic and purely vegan in nature,
  • free from soy, artificial agents and
  • tested by a third party.
  • CBD extracted from the organically grown hemp plant using CO2 extraction method is considered the best to purchase.
  • A certificate of analysis by a different laboratory is a must criterion.

Further selection should be based on the requirement for instance:

  • For sleep disorders-buy gummies with melatonin in it whereas
  • in case of injury purchase the ones with healing agents like turmeric and ginger.

Last but not the least:

  • individuals’ personal choice for flavour should also be taken into account.



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