How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

by Edward J. Ross

CBD oil is a type of drug produced by the cannabis plant. When the Cannabis plant is dissected, a set of organic chemical compounds known as cannabinoids are produced. These compounds are the main products of cannabis. However, CBD differs from the rest of the pack because of its low THC content.

Before giving your furry friends CBD oil, it is best you research the side effects and benefits of this drug. Whatever your reason might be for giving your pet CBD, there are some standard issues this oil is known to help with.

CBD oil effectively relieves your pet of pain, anxiety, and stress. Irrespective of its amazing benefits, you need to know the right amount of CBD to give your pet before feeding it any CBD product.

CBD for dogs

There are many CBD oil variants you can give your dog, but it would be best if you ask your doctor questions regarding the effect of CBD on your pets. Ask questions like what "is the effect of CBD on my dog?" "How much CBD oil is too much CBD?" "Are there side effects if you give your dog CBD?" These questions are relevant when considering using CBD dosage for dogs or cats.

There are periods where your dog might experience severe pains from injuries. CBD oil will surely help, but we don't want you to conclude that it is the solution to all problems. So, Below are some questions you need to research before applying CBD to your dog's medication. 

Generally, What is CBD?

As mentioned earlier, CBD is an organic chemical compound that belongs to a group of chemicals known as cannabinoids. Its founding source is the hemp and marijuana plant, but unlike most cannabinoids, CBD contains a small percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive substance found in cannabis; it is responsible for the sensations famously known as "high".

You might experience this sensation after consuming a strain of cannabis high in THC; but due to its low THC content, CBD cannot and will not make your dog high.

CBD for Dogs; How Does it Work?

When you administer CBD to your dog, the CBD takes effect by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors (ECS) present in your central and peripheral nervous system.

Humans and dogs both possess this system; this is one of the few similarities between man and dogs. The ECS works with the brain, the heart, and the body. It is also in charge of regulating homeostasis in the body irrespective of the imbalances in the environment.

Are There Any Side-effects of Using CBD Oil on My Dog?

When you use CBD oil on your dogs, there are certain side-effects you might notice. Although these side-effects are specific to the breed and immune system of the dog, you must ensure that it is healthy for your pet to consume.

Here are some of the side-effects your dog might get from dosing CBD oil for dogs.

  • Low Blood Pressure: When your pet takes high doses of CBD, it might experience symptoms of drowsiness. If its system rejects the CBD intake, its blood pressure tends to drop, making it feel light-headed.

  • Drowsiness: The main effect that your dog will feel when it consumes CBD oil is drowsiness. The drowsiness your pet will experience is due to the calming effect CBD has on it. This effect is common to dogs that consume high doses of CBD.

  • Dry Mouth: One of the issues you should expect when you give your dog CBD is saliva reduction. CBD can reduce the production of saliva, making your dog's mouth dry and thirsty.

  • Restlessness: Although CBD will make your dog feel calm, less anxious, and move in a less-conscious manner if you administer a low dosage to your dog, it can become restless.


Factors to Consider When Giving Your Canine CBD Oil

The dose of CBD you should give your dog isn't certain or specific. You should consider one of the things before administering CBD Oil, and other CBD products on your pet include the breed, size, type of CBD product, and Diagnosis. Without wasting much time, let us speak on the various factors to consider when giving your dog CBD oil or any other related product.

  • Diagnosis Factor: Before you administer CBD oil or any other related product with low THC levels from the Hemp plant, ensure that you know the dog's present condition. Your pet's condition would present the need for CBD or any other active dosage.

  • Potency Factor: When you buy any CBD product, especially the oil, you need to check its potency. CBD products and oil come with various potencies, which fall between 25mg and 300mg. The numbers reflect the effectiveness of that CBD oil. Hence, you would be advised to get CBD doses for dogs rather than administering the regular human CBD.

  • Size, Body Weight, and Breed Factor: Another factor to consider when giving your pet CBD is to observe its size and body weight. Although hemp CBD, it's oil, and other products help pain relief, you should know the right dosage before giving your dog CBD oil. For example, small dogs require less dosage of CBD compared to larger dogs. You should also consider the potency of the oil because potency will affect the dosage.

  • For Dogs Within 2 & 8 lbs: Administer the least amount of CBD. Dogs with the weight falling within these sizes usually have speeding metabolism. Also, we advise that you start with one mg CBD before moving to other doses for the potency of the CBD oil used.

  • For Small Dogs within 8 & 15 lbs, you can begin with a simple 1 mg dosage per day for dogs and fits these sizes.

  • For Medium-sized Dogs Within 15 & 30 lbs, try a CBD dose of 2 mg of CBD when giving a medium-sized dog. If the results are fine by you, start giving your pets 2 mg per dose and twice a day.

We advise those pet owners don't give much CBD oil for large dogs & extra-large dogs within 30 & 60 lbs. However, ensure that each mg of CBD dosing is administered pa requirements. Pain relief in larger dogs would require between 1 to 3 mg of CBD oil for a start.

However, the potency will depend on the level of pain your dog is experiencing. You can start with the regular 1mg dosing before progressing to 2mg, then 3mg. Just ensure that you don't give more than two doses of CBD per day.

What is The best CBD Oil for My Pet?

There are three main types of CBD dosage for dogs. Please note that the amount of CBD varies for dogs and cats due to their complex internal organs. These types of CBD include broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD has about 0.3% THC alongside traces of terpenes and flavonoids. CBD isolate free of any THC content, so it is the purest form of CBD.

On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD has no THC content but is however filled with various cannabinoids. One thing you should notice is that full-spectrum CBD is very bitter, so before you administer CBD visit your vet doctor to get a dosing chart.

How Much CBD mg Doses Should I Give a Dog?

Visit your vet doctor to get a CBD oil dosage chart and dosage guidelines for your pet. You can also check the content above for a dose of CBD, depending on your dog's weight.

Benefits of Administering CBD to Dogs

There are various benefits that you will notice when you administer a dosage of CBD to your health. Especially when you give your dogs CBD oil, here are some of these benefits.

  1. It relieves pains with the aid of cytokinesis.
  2. It reduces the inflammation of skin cells by the production of more cells.
  3. It stops anxiety in canines.
  4. It calms your dog and allows it to drop its guard. During this period, it's senses will be activated and more efficient.
  5. It stops depression in canines. It also controls seizures in pets.
  6. It allows your dog to sleep well.
  7. Its after-effects are minimal.
  8. CBD alleviates skin conditions in all pets.
  9. CBD helps with glaucoma.
  10. When a dog loses its appetite, you can give it CBD oil to help it eat better.


There is no doubt of the fact that the canine species are man's best friend. They can do almost everything humans can, from cookies to bread, to other types of food, and finally CBD. However, you'll be surprised to know that your dog can also enjoy the health benefits of hemp products, hemp oil, and CBD capsules, but not how humans enjoy them.

CBD has countless health benefits, which you will notice when you read this article. Please ensure that you follow each description precisely and visit your vet doctor for further information.