How to make CBD oil

by Edward J. Ross

CBD oil production

Many beneficial cannabinoid compounds, of about 100 if not more, do not mix well with water. Such compounds like THC and CBD find it difficult to bond well with water, and the necessity of oil as an alternative method is seen. Most of these compounds have greater bonding power with oil and can give all the benefits you might need for health benefits and recreational purposes, as the case may be.

Nevertheless, there are CBD products that are water-based, but the oils are more common and preferred by most people. It happens that this choice might be borne from the fact that it can be made at home, and you get to know all the ingredients that make it up. If you have no idea about the production process and are a CBD lover, you have to pay serious attention as we show you a vivid picture of the process involved in CBD oil production.

About CBD Oil

CBD oil represents a non-psychoactive product that is obtained from hemp flowers. The benefits of this oil are inestimable, and it will excite you to know that there is little "high" associated with it. CBD oil contains little amount of THC, and this makes it have that effect.

It also has huge amounts of cannabidiol- a special compound found in most cannabis products. People use CBD oil for different purposes. It goes a long way in fighting anxiety, insomnia, and pain, amongst others. It also helps to increase the body's metabolism rate, according to research.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Is CBD oil suitable for me? What kind of benefits can I gain from using it? Are questions you might be asking? According to diverse studies, here are some of the benefits that accrue to the usage of CBD oil.

  • It can help treat health issues like migraine, cancer, high blood pressure, dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.
  • It can help you in relieving all forms of pain in the different parts of the body
  • It can alleviate anxiety and stress
  • It can provide relief from inflammations

The Best Ways to Ingest Your CBD Oil 

It is best to make use of your CBD oil in its raw form. Although this is a good one, some people prefer to cook with it; cooking reduces the cannabinoid content due to the strong heat, so you might want to lay off on that. If you use it with food, you can use it as a salad dressing or, better still, convert it into a tincture and use the sublingual method in taking it.

What if I don't want to take it in through my mouth? Yes! You can still use the topical method of application by applying your cannabis oil on your body. It can help you in pain relief and muscle straightening. If you want, you could still add it to your body cream for more benefits.

How Long Is the Shelf-life Of My CBD Oil?

CBD oil made at home has a shorter shelf-life than usual. Ideally, you use it up in a year to get the best of your oil. Also, make sure to store the oil properly as it might not get to the one year if not stored properly.

Is There a Specified Dosage?

The dosage you should take is based on how pure your production process is. If the process is 100% accurate, then the potency of your oil would be greater, and the concentration of cannabinoid would be great as well. However, to confirm your oil's purity, you could send it out to be tested, although it is costly.

You could start with little doses actually and see how well the results are. You would have to be patient while watching your body's reaction to the CBD oil so as not to take an overdose. But if the results are not to your satisfaction, then you could go to stores and patronize them for your CBD oil.

Why Should You Know How To Make CBD Oil?

CBD oil, as we already said, has a whole lot of benefits to offer. Studies have shown that more benefits are starting to crop up, and people testify about how they have been cured of one ailment or the other just by using their CBD oils. Medical attention and care are starting to be on the higher side, and everyone is seeking alternatives that could help them maintain their health, and CBD oil is one of those alternatives. With all the benefits it provides, it is only essential that you learn the oil workings so that you can produce yours when needed at any point in time.

What Would You Need To Make CBD Oil?

The two major ingredients in CBD production is carrier oil and the famous hemp flower. In choosing your hemp flower, make sure that it is one with very high CBD content. The high CBD content tends to matter when the extraction process is being carried out. You would want to be sure that all the beneficial compounds are being extracted into your oil; otherwise, the potency would be greatly reduced.

Hemp Flower or Cannabis Buds for Your CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be made from hemp flower or cannabis buds. Both of them serve as the primary ingredients in producing your CBD oil. How do you know which to make use of? For hemp flower, have in mind that your CBD oil would be one with trace amounts of THC, so the "high" would be next to absent as there would be no psychoactive component. For cannabis buds, there would be a greater amount of cannabinoids and THC.

Types of Carrier Oils

There are different carrier oils that companies combine with their CBD to produce CBD oil or tinctures. Some of these carrier oils include the following amongst others:

  • MCT Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Grape seed Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Ghee

How Do You Determine The Right Carrier Oil?

To determine the right carrier oil to use, one must first identify what they want to use their CBD for. For example, if you have someone who is suffering from Vitamin deficiency, you might want to try sunflower oil as your carrier oil. It all depends on what you need the CBD oil for.

Here Are Some Things You Might Want To Have In Mind in Making Your Own CBD Oil

For your CBD oil to be of high quality, ensure to do the following:

  • Make use of a precision cooker for a high-quality product
  • It is best to stash your CBD oil in a cool and dark area
  • Use the only high-quality essential oil product
  • Select only the best CBD strains of either hemp or cannabis buds for high potency
  • Use organic plants that have not been exposed to contamination
  • If you intend to use CBD in its raw form, you could add flavoring like vanilla, citrus extract, etc. to enhance the taste.

Preparation Method in Making Your CBD Oil

It is no longer news that you can make CBD oil at home. The preparation process is not a critical one, but it is surrounded by the usage of heat that is well regulated. The process involves a decarboxylation and infusion. Decarboxylation involves heating with precision to activate all the beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant, while infusion involves releasing the beneficial compounds into the carrier oil.

These oils are important as they make the compounds extracted easy to be absorbed into the body. Here are the major steps you can follow in making your CBD oil, but you have to make sure that these items are available during production before then.

Materials for CBD Oil Production

The materials you should have at hand include; a glass bowl, double boiler, a strainer, thermometer, slow-burning cooker or precision cooker, container to store the final product, cheesecloth, and parchment paper or a piece of fabric made with cotton. Note that all of these materials should be clean and free from impurities.

Preparing CBD Oil

We would look into making CBD oil using coconut oil and making CBD oil using olive oil.

The steps involved in using coconut oil for CBD include:

  • Cut the cannabis bud or hemp into smaller pieces and place the cut leaves on a sheet for baking
  • Decarboxylation is next with the sheet entering the oven at 250 degrees heat and for about 27 minutes
  • Heat up your precision cooker or slow-burning cooker as the case may be
  • Put water in the base part of your double boiler and place it on the precision cooker or its alternative
  • Pour in a cup of coconut oil in the boiler's upper level and allow it to melt
  • After melting the oil, add 10 gram of cannabis buds or its alternative
  • Continue heating the items on a low heat whilst stirring the mixture at intervals
  • Place the thermometer in it to measure the temperature. You should ensure it remains at 200 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the production process
  • After 1 hour, remove the mixture and turn it into a strainer
  • Cover the strainer with your cheesecloth or its alternative and strain the mixture. Ensure that no oil is left whilst doing this
  • Transfer your oil into a glass jar and close it tightly
  • Keep your hemp or marijuana oil in a cool and dark area, most likely a cupboard.

The second process using olive oil involves the following processes:

  • Cut your hemp flower or cannabis bud and turn it into a pot with water
  • Heat this mixture for 10 minutes at the lowest heat rate
  • After heating, remove the flowers and place them inside a strainer to naturally remove the water
  • Keep repeating all the processes, as mentioned above, until there is no colouring in the water
  • Remove the flower or cannabis bud once this has been achieved and sieve it again
  • Place the ingredients in the upper part of your double boiler with olive oil added to it
  • Heat for some hours and ensure you use a thermometer at intervals to maintain the temperature at 100 degrees Celsius
  • Remove the mixture from the fire and use a cheesecloth or cotton fabric or another alternative to strain the oil after 3 hours
  • Your final product should be kept in a cool and dark place.

Final Thoughts

You can now see how your CBD oil can be made at home. It is challenging, yes, but it is an adventure you should try out, especially when it's something you love.

Nevertheless, before going about the process, ensure you know if the primary ingredient is legal where you stay or not. Nobody likes the idea of entering trouble with local authorities, so as much as you love your CBD, pay attention to the laws guiding your state in regards to CBD products as well.

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