How to store CBD oil

by Edward J. Ross

What CBD oil contains and how to store it?

CBD oil is now popular for the multi-purpose benefits it has. CBD oil is a chemical substance that is extracted from a plant called hemp. A lot of people think CBD oil is the same thing as cannabis, but it is not. CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so there is no iota of psychotic effect in it. It won't make you high when you consume it.

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One of the basic reasons you should properly store CBD oil is that it is a plant-based liquid gotten from hemp. Thus, it should undergo proper storage so as not to lose its potency over time.

CBD oil contains flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes and if you store them properly, these contents would be well preserved.

There are a lot of benefits you will gain just by consuming CBD oil regularly. Health benefits like Improved sleep quality, stress relief, freedom from pain and depression, and many others.

To not miss out on all of these benefits that come with constantly consuming CBD oil, you need to know and practice how to store it properly. 

We have compiled the best ways you can store your CBD oil. Do check them out; you would be so glad you did. 

Make sure you store it in an air-tight container

A lot of CBD oil producers do all they can to store their products in green-tinted glass bottles. They do this to prevent the sunlight from affecting the potency of the oil's content and accelerating its expiration date. 

They store their products in air-tight containers because exposing CBD oil to oxygen can tamper with its effectiveness.

Whenever you buy CBD oil and you intend to store it, ensure you check if the lid is well closed and intact. Make sure you close it properly after using it, so air will not enter inside and affect it.

Don't buy any CBD oil that is not well sealed. Request for another one if you notice that the seal has been altered. 

Storing your CBD oil in tinted bottles is very effective. 

Keep the contents free of contaminants 

Always make sure you don't allow contaminants like light, heat, and air to affect your bottle of CBD oil.

If you choose to use the dropper that comes with the CBD oil bottle to dispense out the oil, make sure the dropper is clean. Don't "double dip" the dropper. If you do, you might bring in harmful bacteria that will contaminate the oil.

Exposing your bottle of CBD oil to contaminants will alter its content. You don't want that to happen. So, do all you can to protect your bottle of CBD oil you purchased with your hard-earned money.

Follow the instructions on your CBD oil container very well, so you don't lose out on a lot. 

Place your bottle of CBD oil in a place with moderate temperature 

When you want to store your CBD oil, make sure you consider the temperature of the place you want to store it in. Make sure the temperature is around 74°F or 23°C. 

You could store it in a dark pantry at home far from your windows. When you are traveling, make sure you put your container in a tight bag that will prevent air or sunlight from manipulating your CBD oil content.

And then, when you are at your workplace, you should keep it in a drawer or briefcase that is not exposed to sunlight, air, or heat.

Always lookout for a moderate temperature whenever you want to store your CBD oil.

Store your CBD oil in an upright position and away from air

Don't be like some ignorant people who carelessly place the bottle of their CBD oil horizontally. Make sure your bottle is always in an upright position. 

Also, try to prevent your CBD oil from getting exposed to air. Exposing it to air can affect its potency. Oxygen will change the normal chemical balance of your CBD oil. That is why most producers try to package their CBD oil in tinted containers to prevent oxygen from penetrating it. 

Allow your CBD oil to remain in its original containers for their high quality to stay intact. 

You should also know that whether you are placing your CBD oil beneath your tongue, cooking with it, applying it on your skin, or using it to take a pill, all cannabinoids will lose their effectiveness when exposed to light, heat, or oxygen. 

So, the best way to keep any CBD oil fresh and safe for consumption is by preserving it from the air and other elements that alter its potency. 

Store it in a fridge

A fridge is the best way you can store your CBD oil. This is because the inside is cool and air-tight at all times.  

Your freezer would be a great option for storing your CBD oil for a very long time. Just make sure the producer of the CBD oil recommends that. This is because some CBD oil may not be good for consumption once they become too strong due to refrigeration. 

If you know you won't be using your CBD oil often, keeping it in your fridge is very good. But if you choose to extend the amount of time you want to store it, keep it in your freezer.

Sometimes you will discover that after refrigerating your CBD oil, it becomes very thick, and it might be quite tedious for you to dispense it properly using the dropper that came with the bottle of oil. When this happens, you can place your bottle of CBD oil in warm water so it will melt for you to be able to dispense it.

Buying guide questions

Does CBD oil go bad if not refrigerated?

CBD oil can last for up to a year even if you don't refrigerate it. But you have to make sure you don't expose it to light, heat, and air.

Among all the storage requirements of CBD oil, a fridge is the best option. Do you want to know why it is? I will tell you. The door to the fridge is always closed except when you want to take something out of it. The fridge is also isolated from outside influence, and it is always cold. 

Does CBD oil ever go bad?

Yes. CBD oil can go bad, especially if you don't adhere to all its storage requirements. Your CBD oil can last for one to two years if you properly refrigerate it and prevent its exposure to light, heat, and air.

Most times, one way you know when your CBD oil goes bad is through the bad smell you perceive from it.  

At what temperature does CBD degrade?

CBD oil should not go beyond a certain temperature if you want it to be effective. When you want to store CBD oil, ensure that the temperature is around 74°F or 23°C. Also, make sure your cabinet is not close to an oven or any object that produces heat. If you surpass that temperature, your CBD oil may end up getting degraded.

How long does CBD oil last once you open it? 

Most brands that produce CBD oil usually attach an expiry date of, say, one or two years if you properly refrigerate it after you open it. But if you don't refrigerate it and keep it away from light, heat, and air, it can still be effective for one year.

How do you know if your CBD oil has gone bad?  

You can identify if your CBD oil is still good or if it has gone bad. You must know how to identify it. 

Always make sure you smell your CBD oil when you first purchase it and open it. Some CBD oil has a minty flavour, some others smell like olive oil, depending on the brand you bought. 

Once you notice that the smell is becoming unpleasant, it has gone bad, and you would need to replace it with a fresh one.

Will exposing CBD oil to heat make it lose its potency?

When you expose CBD oil to heat, the elements in it will start to break and evaporate. And this will reduce its potency. 

So, avoid exposing your CBD oil to excessive heat if you want to enjoy its effectiveness. Trust me; you don't want to buy something that will not serve the purpose for which it was bought. 

How can you make CBD oil last longer? 

There are many ways you can store your CBD oil for a long time before it exceeds its expiry date of approximately two years. Some of them are: 

  • Keep CBD oil bottles air-tight at all times except when you want to take out of it. Exposing it to air is not favourable to its effectiveness.
  • Ensure you keep the container upright. Please don't keep it upside down or horizontally. 
  • Don't expose your CBD oil to oxygen. It will reduce its shelf life.
  • Store your CBD oil in a cool or dark place. A pantry, closet, or drawer would do so the job perfectly.
  • Avoid keeping your CBD oil close to a window. It will hasten its expiry date.
  • Don't keep your CBD oil in a place that is damp so it won't end up making molds form.
  • Avoid keeping your CBD oil close to ovens or any place that has heat. A warm place promotes the growth of bacteria.
  • Don't dip your dropper or spoon twice when you are taking out some of the oil. This is to ensure you don't end up contaminating the oil with bacteria. Make sure you use a clean spoon. 


You may follow all the storage requirements of CBD oil, but it will not last forever. The contents in CBD oil may start fading away after a long period. The smell or colour might be altered. If you notice any foul smell, ensure you dispose of the CBD oil bottle properly and get a new one. 

Ensure you buy high-quality CBD oil that is well packaged in sealed containers to reduce its exposure to sunlight. Also, make sure you follow the instructions written on the container so you can get the best out of it. 

Now that you are aware of the best ways of storing CBD oil, you can now enjoy all of its benefits for as long as it lasts.