National CBD day

by Edward J. Ross

A lot of people have come to accept CBD use as a way of life. Due to its countless advantages, it has become a favourite when using CBD products in things like creams, drinks, vases, snacks, etc. Even on social media, the rave for its use is on the higher side than it has ever been since the stereotypical years. With the several forms, many people have come to find their own unique way by which they can take their CBD.

Cannabidiol, mostly called CBD by users due to its popularity, has been scheduled to be celebrated on August 8 of every year. This day has been regarded as CBD day for users.

CBD Day Calendar

The National CBD day, having been set to be celebrated on the 8th day of August each year on the calendar, is centered on recognizing the importance of hemp-derived CBD. On this CBD day, much effort is placed on giving out news related to laws guiding CBD use and how best the hemp product can be used.

The benefits of cannabidiol have been felt in every area of the medicinal and recreation world. With its varieties that can account for the wellness of its users and made to suit the individual's lifestyle, it is becoming a household item when hemp is mentioned.

The CBD Journey Through Time

Formerly, the hemp plant and its derivatives were not legalized in most of the states. Over the years, the different states had argued over making the product legal or not. Some states, after the farm bill of 2018, where the federal government took a stand on the hemp's legality based on a new definition, have taken a decision. According to the new law, the THC content in any cannabis product should not be more than 0.3%. North Carolina, for example, has made the use of CBD legal now in their state.

This Day In History

The Year 1876

Thomas Edison was issued a patent for enhancement in Autographic printing. Edison's motorized pen design was further modified by Samuel F. O'Reilly to be used in the tattoo line.

The Year 1900

The Davis Cup was held being a championship for lawn tennis.

The Year 1908

The Wright brothers present their machine that is capable of flying to the public. One of the brothers, known as Wilbur Wright, drove the aircraft in France.

The Year 1942

Warner Bros dropped a movie known as 'the squeaking hawk'. It appeared in several looney toon shorts. Also, in world war II, Nazi spies who were about 6 were executed for treason.

The Year 1950

A lady swims the English Channel and broke a record held by American Gertrude Ederle.

The Year 1960

“Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini” gets to number 1 on the hot 100 billboards.

The Year 1966

Beatles releases a song which includes the song 'Eleanor Rigby'.

The Year 1974

A President of America announces his proposal to resign the position the very next day.

The Year 1963

About £2.6 million was carted away by thieves in a heist on the British mail train. The person on the inside wasn't discovered.

The Year 1985

The Major League Baseball accepted the addition of two new National teams: Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins.

The Year 1988

The York Duchess, Sara Ferguson, gives birth to a bouncing baby girl.

The Year 1992

The Barcelona Olympics granted the US Dream Team a gold medal win.

The Year 2004

John Elway got elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

How To Participate In The CBD Celebration

The celebration of CBD's advantages and benefits on a special day on the calendar is a befitting holiday. You can celebrate National CBD day by telling others the good news about the CBD products you have tried out. You can also celebrate CBD day by joining others who have shared similar benefits with you in posting on social media and news platforms about CBD usage. On each post, the trending hashtag would be #NationalCBDDay.

Types Of CBD

CBD products

Generally, there are two types of CBD products present in online markets and sites. These sites provide their account details and email, whereby you can get in contact with them. More and more CBD products keep coming up on a daily by different companies, but the major name that has been backed by the food and drug administration include:

Full Spectrum Extract CBD:

With full-spectrum extract CBD, the CBD products contain a whole lot of cannabinoid products of different varieties. With an online site, you can obtain hemp-derived CBD containing terpenes and other forms of the plant. 

CBD Isolate:

This is just according to its name. It comprises just CBD, and companies have the rights reserved to issue out products that might not be totally Isolate. They reply via email when you make an order. This one is a good option for those who cares a long-time expiration date.

What Can CBD Do For You?

CBD provides immense relief for pains, vomiting or nausea, depression, anxiety, heart failure, muscular pain, etc. It is also noteworthy that unlike other hemp products, CBD comes without a psychoactive property hence on its intake, it doesn't give off the high akin to other plants.

What Variety Of CBD Exists?

CBD can be found in different products. These products include drinks, oil tinctures, skin lotions, body creams, muscle creams, edibles, etc.

How Can You Use Your CBD?

All CBD products have their mode of application. All of these products can be applied in different ways unique to the user. Here are some of them:

Topical Use

The topical application involves applying CBD products, CBD lotions, etc., to the body. It can help reduce rheumatism and pain in the joints, especially amongst the elderly.

Sublingual Use

With sublingual use, CBD can be taken straight into the bloodstream without any hindrance. It involves placing the oil under the tongue for like 90 seconds before swallowing.

Encapsulated Form

In its encapsulated form, the CBD oil is placed inside a capsule and taken in.

Can Your Pets Take CBD?

Yes, giving your pets CBD products is completely safe. The farm bill issues that no cannabis oil should be more than 0.3% in THC content. Anything more than that is not advisable for your pets. Plus, you have to ask your veterinarian about CBD usage.

What Happens If You Take CBD Everyday?

If you are taking full spectrum CBD, you would require a lower dosage so you wouldn't be stressing your liver, but with CBD isolates, it is best to avoid taking it every day, especially if you are using high dosages. However, taking CBD every day would not cause harm to your system, but it's better to tone down on the dosage. For your pets, the same thing applies. The pets can take it every day but be sure that the things you combine with it are of low dosage.

What Time Of Day Is Best For CBD?

If you really want to relax your body after a very hectic day, it is best to take your CBD in the evening. After all the hustle and bustle at work, all you want to do is sleep and have time for yourself. What better way than to enjoy the benefits CBD products proffer to your health and wellness, especially when you take it in the evening. It will make you rejuvenated and provide you with focus and concentration for the next day's work.

Does CBD Make You Tired The Next Day?

No, it doesn't make you tired. This is because the euphoria or high associated with cannabis substances is absent due to the low THC content. The state laws have issued a 0.3% content as a maximal amount to be present in all hemp products; hence with this rate, the 'high' that is peculiar to other cannabinoids would be absent in your CBD usage.

Final Words

CBD day, as celebrated every August 8, is a day for all users and friends to showcase the goodness that accrues to using the product. Let us all join and celebrate the #National CBD day.